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If you are experiencing problems logging in to the ICGB Members' Area to access online courses it could be due to one of the following...

  • You might have used capitals or spaces in the password when registering. The login process is case sensitive. Type your user name and password exactly the way you did when you registered.
  • Please check the spelling carefully of both your email address and password
  • Your username or password may have been misstyped during registration
  • You could have experienced a brief problem with your internet connection at the time of login
  • Your firewall or peer blocking software might be blocking the this website
  • Your browser could be interferring with the login if it is an older version. The solution is to update the browser you are using which we can help you do if you contact the webmaster with your browser name and version.
  • Your cookies might be turned off in your browser. Please turn on your cookies in your browser's "Preferences" or "Internet Options" sections usually found in your "edit" or "tools" menu.

NOTE: If you are an AGTF member and you have not recieved your user name and password yet or have forgotten it, please email the webmaster.

If you still cannot login please email the webmaster with more details like your browser name and version number found in the help menu in your browser under "about" and any error messages that you may be getting and the webmaster will come up with a solution.




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